When traveling on a cruise, different dress codes are enforced according to the specific program and the time of day. Typically, these include formal, informal and casual dress codes. However, new dress codes such as "elegant casual" or "smart casual" have recently become mainstream. These require casual yet elegant ensembles. Cruises are also unique because they necessitate items that match a wide range of situations including breakfast, sightseeing, relaxing by the pool and formal dinners. I am sure that many people who have never been on a cruise before are worried about what they should bring and wear. To that end, STELLA.K was created as a brand that proposes styles that are suitable for cruise travel. "Stella" means "star" in Italian. In the past --before maps or compasses-- sailors gazed up at the sky and sailed using the stars because there were no other guideposts in the pitch-black darkness. This also applies to contemporary fashion, in which it can be difficult to find one’s style without being swept away by current trends. Based on the desire to navigate by the stars, STELLA.K features fine fabrics and simple designs that are not overly trendy and will last for many years. These items are perfect for cruise travel and can be worn in a wide range of situations according to how they are styled, so I am confident they will become your style guideposts.

「STELLAK」Creative Director
Kumiko Yasuki

Kumiko Yasuki


Kumiko Yasuki
STELLAK Creative Director

東京生まれ。2003年に初めてクルーズを経験し、ビバリーヒルズの旅行代理店でクルーズコンサルタントのキャリアをスタート。2013年4月よりクルーズをテーマにした東京FMラジオ番組『SEIKO ASTRON presents WORLD CRUISE』にレギュラー出演中。2013年9月創刊の船旅のあるライフスタイルをコンセプトにした大人の男女誌『Sette mari(セッテ・マーリ)』では、エグゼクティブスーパーバイザーとして携わる。 2013年よりクルーズをコンセプトにしたファッションブランド「STELLAK」のデザイナーに就任。クルーズの世界観を通し、さまざまなな分野でラグジュアリーなライフスタイルを提案している。

Kumiko Yasuki was born in Tokyo. After experiencing her first cruise in 2003, she began her career as a cruise consultant at a travel agency in Beverly Hills. Since April 2013, she has made regular appearances on SEIKO ASTRON presents WORLD CRUISE, a TOKYO FM radio program based on cruise travel. She also began working as the executive supervisor for Sette mari, a magazine for sophisticated men and women based on the concept of lifestyles that encapsulate cruise travel. The inaugural issue was released in September 2013. Finally, she became a designer for STELLA.K, a fashion brand based on the concept of cruises, in 2013. She proposes luxurious lifestyles in a wide range of fields via the worldview of cruises.